Turn Your Love Life Around at a Price of a Pizza Slice (1$)

Turn Your Love Life Around at a Price of a Pizza Slice (1$)

Don’t Talk to a Single Woman Before Learning These 13 Mistakes That 95% of Men are Doing Everyday That Make Women Run Away
      Rated 4.73/5 stars - from 5000+ Happy Readers
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"I swear I literally found myself breaking each and every one of the rules at least a few times in my life, no wonder I struggle. I love the book I only wish it was longer, I want more of it. I did however also buy the course and for the first time in my life I actually enjoy dating and hanging out with women."
 Bought the book 2 months ago
"I've been struggling really hard in regards to anything connected to women. I've been socailly awkward since I remember and I recently decided to start working on it. I started dating women but it has been very hard for me to even get any dates and even those that I managed to secure usually didn't result in a second one. However since I bought this book I have had 2 second dates and one woman even agreed to go on a third one. I am truly beyond grateful. However I also bough the course bur I can tell that even the rules in the book are gamechanging."
 Bought the book 2 months ago
"Excellent guide. Easy to follow, rules ready to implement right away. I sensed instant results. I literally have women texting and calling me, when we can get together. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Do yourself a favor and buy it."
 Bought the book 1 month ago

Let's face it...
Getting women to like you is HARD!

Getting ghosted!

Ever felt the sting of silence after sending a text? Like you're just not worth a reply? We've been there. Let's turn that around!

Daunting feeling of loneliness!

Familiar with the terrifying feeling of another year going by without even going on a date? It feels like any success in attracting women is impossible and every year that goes by, makes you feel like any kind of progress is less and less likely.

 ''Let's just be friends.''

Ever get shot down with ‘’I only see you as a friend’’ when you finally tell her how you truly feel?

For Just 1$ You Will Learn:

How to Text Women

You will learn the optimal way of texting women to increase attraction and maximize your chances of securing the date + a FREE Guide that dives specifically into texting.

How to Set The Date

You will learn how to properly secure the date, to minimize your chances of getting ghosted and make her respect your time.

How to Organize The Date

You will learn how to organize the date in a way to make the seduction the easiest and avoid being put into a friend zone. + a FREE Guide to learn how to flirt to make the date fun and relaxed

How to Kiss a Woman

You will learn when is the optimal time to kiss a woman. + You will receive a FREE Guide with all the information you need to learn how to properly kiss a woman to make sure you never get rejected and overcome your fears.

How to Deal With Rejection

You will learn the proper way to deal with potential rejection, take it like a man, and maximize your chances of her coming back even if she rejects you at first.

How to Act to Attract Women

You will learn what kind of attitude towards life you should have to become a magnet for women. + a FREE guide on Values and how to live your life, and make decisions

How to Set Up The Second Date

You will learn what is the optimal way and time to set the second date to make sure hr attraction doesn’t fall after the first one.

How to Transition to a Serious Relationship

You will learn how to take action in order to make the transition from dating into a relationship as smooth as possible.

What our customers have to say:

"I f*cking love this book. I went on two dates, applied the rules and I noticed results instantly!!! I also bought the course and I have never enjoeyed dating this much, it is so effortles and dramafree."
 Bought the book 2 months ago
"The 13 Laws of Seduction is a simple read everybody can understand and wrap their mind around. I noticed how women act completely differetly when I apply the rules. It's such a rewarding feeling especially considering all the struggles I had to endure during my chaotic dating career. I am truly grateful for it."
 Bought the book 13 days ago
"Awesome book for anyone who is looking to embark on a journey of improving their romantic life. It is a great starter, very straightforward, and easy to follow.  The rules are literally so simple yet so effective, I am dating 3 women at the same time and all of them love me."
 Bought the book 3 months ago
"I only bought it to see what kind of bullshit you're selling, and because it was so cheap. But as I read the explanations... Honestly all of the things would've driven my levels of attractinon up."
 Bought the book 2 months ago
"I used to do everything wrong when it came to dating, and this book is like a complete 180 from my old approach. The way it's structured is super helpful, and I can't wait to put these new principles into action. It shouldn't be that hard."
 Bought the book 3 days ago
"While it felt a bit pricey at first, this book is an investment in yourself. I might even pass it on to a friend who needs it because I am having the best dating success in my life and I want it for him, I am just so excited."
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"I bought this book on a whim, and it's been a pleasant surprise. It's full of useful information and principles that are already making a positive impact on my dating journey."
 Bought the book 23 days ago
"I can't stress enough how much I love this book. It's not just a one-time read; it's something I'll keep coming back to. I might even pass these laws down to my future son someday. I am looking into upgrading my skill by buying the course. "
 Bought the book 4 days ago
"Gems from the first to the last page. Absolutely worth the purchase. I got women texting me and asking me to go out all by themselves.
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"Listen guys, you will not belive me but I literally have problems to schedule all the dates. I have two "friends" that I date regularly and then constantly new ones knocking on the door. I have been proactive tho but still. You can say whatever you want, I'm killing it."
 Bought the book 3 months ago
"Instantly applicable, low effort, effective solutions."
 Bought the book 3 days ago
"Bought it out of pure curiosity and I had fun reading it even though I didn't consider myself being in need of advice. I will for sure try it out and will see how it goes."
 Bought the book 1 day ago
"No spiritual, vibrational, energies type of crap but based in reality straight-up rules ready to apply accompanied with a great explanation. Basically, it teaches how to act as a man with high self-esteem and confidence. Love it. It really makes it easy to spot the "good" women and focus on those instead of the toxic ones."
 Bought the book 2 months ago
"I expected a few more pages for such a price but otherwise great condensed information. I guess you could argue it’s about the quality and not the quantity of the words written."
 Bought the book 2 days ago
"Informative, eye-opening, short, and powerful."
 Bought the book 22 days ago
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"I liked its straightforward nature, I’m a military guy and I like the way it lays out information in the form of rules. It makes it easy to follow."
 Bought the book 13 days ago
"I wouldn’t recommend this book to you unless you are a man and you like women. Just read the f*cking book and watch your game change. I am not that attractive and getting dates it's still a little chalenging for me but once I get them to go out with me it's game over. After 3 weeks they start calling me and asking me out by themselves."
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"I would appreciate it if I was told beforehand how long the book was. I find it a little overpriced considering its length but still, the information is eye-opening and very useful."
 Bought the book 7 days ago
"I would rather not talk about the privete stuff, because I don't kiss and tell. ;) but let's just say I am doing great. Definitely a few tricks worth knowing about."
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"I'm not usually one to write reviews, but this book deserves a shout-out. It's packed with wisdom, and it's already turning my dating life around and it hasn't even been two weeks. If you're on the fence, just go for it."
 Bought the book 11 days ago
"I had a preexisting romantic/dating life. But it was just constant drama, and always felt like everything could fall into pieces at any time. But this book really made quite a few things clear for me and I stick to all the rules every time as I am meeting new women.  I can really sense a pattern of positive response from the majority of women I date."
 Bought the book 2 months ago
"Packed with information, ready to apply in real life right away. Cheatcode."
 Bought the book 2 days ago
"Should have bought it earlier "
 Bought the book 19 days ago
"I've tried it and it works. All you need to know."
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"Great value for money, liked the style of writing."
 Bought the book 1 days ago
 Bought the book 4 days ago
"The only wish I have is more laws!"
 Bought the book 9 days ago
"Appreciate the help"
 Bought the book 1 month ago
"Straight to the point and works everytime, would recommend. I really don't look special and I am confident I could get a girlfriend in 2weeks if I wanted to. I mean if it works for me it probably works for anyone lol"
 Bought the book 2 months ago

Frequently asked questions

We understand that you may have some questions regarding our 13 Laws of Seduction e-book.
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our dear customers.

How many pages does the book have?

The book has 50 pages of pure condensed knowledge. It’s just the right length that you enjoy reading it and that it doesn’t become boring.

Do the principles actually work?

Yes, we are completely sure that each of the "Laws" is the single best possible move you can make in a given situation.

Why are you selling it for such a low price?

We are selling it for such a low price because we want our customers to get the best possible value for the lowest possible price.
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