My Story

My name is Filip and since a very young age I had a very curious relationship with the world around me. I always had this insatiable desire to understand and learn about things surrounding me.

When I reached my college years I came over a philosophy of objectivism. Objectivism in its principle is a philosophy that dictates to every individual that his highest moral purpose is to maximize his happiness in this world and the easiest way to achieve it is by being rationally self interested. Through that I developed a very analytic, rational view of the world which enabled me to understand the world around me and solve my problems much more efficiently as before.

During my college years, studying mechanical engineering, I was in a 2 year relationship with a woman who is still to this day one of the most wonderful loving people I ever had a chance to meet in my life. It was a very beautiful, loving and innocent relationship we had.

It was my first serious committed romantic relationship and when I entered it, I didn’t quite understand yet what I wanted to make of myself in this single life I have been gifted. After a little more than two years of an otherwise beautiful relationship I decided to end it for my personal reasons.
As I entered the dating market once again I soon realized that I had a very poor understanding of what women desire, why they act the way they do, what they look for in a man and how should I act to make a woman I liked and found attractive to like me back. I had some general idea of how to act around women which was more a consequence of my intrinsic masculine nature rather than an actual conscious understanding of women.

 In addition to some basic social anxiety that more or less all people possess, this lack of conscious understanding was sufficient enough for me to feel quite uncomfortable when approaching and meeting new women. I didn’t have a clear enough understanding of what I should do and how I should act around women to feel confident in such situations and overcome my anxiety of interacting with them.

I would lie if I said I had a low self esteem in general but still I was just enough unsure in my knowledge and skill that I stayed in some sort of a limbo where I interacted with women very rarely. I believe this is a situation many men around the world find themselves in. To talk to a woman, invite her out and later on make her like or even love you requires a lot of action and in combination with fears of being rejected and uncertainty that comes with it, it was very convenient for me to postpone each potential romantic interaction into the future.
After some time of such miserable existence I decided I had enough of it. On one hand it was a desire to be in the company of beautiful women and on the other hand just a disappointment in my cowardness and passiveness.

I decided to study the issue deeply and during the process of gathering theoretical knowledge from various kinds of books, podcasts and online coachings I was at the same time going out on as many dates as I could possibly fit in my schedule to try to implement my knowledge in practice. This caused a very short feedback loop which enabled me to learn fairly quickly.

Through that I developed methods and approaches that now enable me to effortlessly navigate interactions with all kinds of women and feel comfortable doing it. In addition to my relentless effort I must admit I had the best mentor I could possibly wish for, who helped me to understand women and their attraction to the point it just felt like a blueprint or a cheat code for female attention. I will be grateful for his contribution to my knowledge for the rest of my life.
I’m not going to tell you that there are just a few magic words you whisper into a woman’s ear and she instantly wants to hop under the bed sheets with you, but I would be lying if I said it is very difficult. Of course you have to improve as an individual financially, physically and intellectually but figuring out these principles improved my ability to attract women substantially in a rather short period of time. So after a long process of getting things right I must admit things just kind of opened for me.

I really started to enjoy my ability to attract women at will. It almost felt too easy to get what I wanted. It felt machiavellian by being quite sure from the very start that I will be able to attract a woman I newly met to the point she will start catching feelings, while knowing all the time I don’t want to enter a serious relationship myself. I started to sense a serious responsibility for women I got romantically involved with.

Therefore I quite quickly started to question the morality of my behavior. It felt wrong, so I decided to stop toying around pretty fast and I now only date women I really like as a person and I genuinely enjoy spending time with.
But what enabled me to get to this point is that I first understood women and then got access to them. I must say that this is a skill I find the most valuable of all which I acquired in my life to this point.
First I helped out a few of my closest friends and then even some more distant colleagues because I was just so excited about my success and was eager to share it with people around me. Therefore I eventually decided to share my knowledge with all men who feel the same desire to become a more happy, complete individual as I do myself.

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