Why your dates suck.

I get dates quite frequently and now managed to go out with a woman that was a real stunner. I must say I was quite nervous before the date and even throughout the date itself. I almost had a feeling of not being worthy of her. 

However, even though my previous dates went fine and I felt as if I was on the right path, this date was pure pain. I don’t know what it was, maybe I was too nervous, maybe I picked the wrong location but I just couldn’t get the conversation going and l just wanted to get up and leave.

What went wrong?

First of all it is very encouraging that you went on multiple dates with multiple women.

You should always aspire to date multiple women at the same time as long of course you don’t get in a serious relationship and you arrange your relationship in a different way.

But during casual dating you should absolutely date multiple women for various reasons.

You obviously did a great job setting the date if you managed to secure a date with a beautiful woman.

Don’t put her on a pedestal

Now regarding your failure.

First of all, you should never think you are not worthy of a woman.

Men have a problem that when we see a beautiful woman, we instantly put her on a pedestal because we are so visual and sometimes completely forget and ignore other aspects of a person.

Of Course a woman's beauty is a great contributor to her social status and every man would want a beautiful woman for himself but there is really much more to a great relationship than beauty.

You should always go on a date with an open, exploring oriented mind.

Just as you aspire to show yourself in the best way possible, you should get into your head that she is also on probation.

You shouldn’t go into a date automatically assuming you want that woman, yes she is beautiful and you obviously like her so far but having a mindset that she has to prove to you as well, will make you want to get to know her instead of just desperately trying to impress her.

She will sense your monitoring and it will put a spotlight on her and soon she will be the one trying to prove herself to you and it’s much easier to navigate the date from such a position. 

Ask her open ended questions

In the course we teach communicating with women, one of the pieces of advice is to keep mysteriousness on your end by asking questions and not explain yourself too much.

Maybe you tried to ask too many questions and the interaction turned out dry and turned out as an interview.
You should be careful when asking questions.

Especially if a woman doesn’t talk much you should look to ask her open ended questions.

These are questions that require her to give her opinion on something or explain herself. Not questions she can answer with one or two words or even yes or no.

When asking questions you should also be careful to actually listen to her answers instead of just thinking of the next question.

You want to get lost in a conversation and by switching the theme every other minute you certainly won’t achieve that. Dig deeper.

She might just not be into you

When dating women you must be aware that not all women are extremely interested in you.

You can climb the social hierarchy by for example getting in a better shape, earning more money, getting dressed better etc.

And you should always aim to improve in these areas. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date women while improving.

It just means that you will get access to less women but as the time progresses your window will get wider and wider. You should know that when you manage to secure a date she will have a certain initial interest in you.

If her interest was too low she might even not go out with you but if you reach a certain threshold she will. Out of those women that you manage to secure a date with, some are going to be extremely interested and some just enough to take their time to go out with you.

Some may go on a date with a plan to hook up and some just with a thought to get a free drink. That means that some women will go with the flow and make things very easy for you and some will really make things hard for you and you will feel stupid and awkward for not being able to keep a conversation going.

By acting in the right way you may turn a woman whose initial interest is low into being attracted to you by the end of the date.

After you gain knowledge from our course, practically every woman you manage to secure a date with, will be very interested in you by the end of the date. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to vibe with a certain woman.

You should give up your best and then if it doesn’t go well keep working to improve your dating game and social status at the same time.

Don’t always assume the problem lies within you

Another thing you should take into account is that just as we men are, a lot of women are also just either bad communicators or uninteresting persons.

Maybe you did your job of creating an interesting fun filled date but she is just that woman whose only hobbies are listening to music and binge watching some stupid series. You can’t vibe with everybody.

That is why you should always go into a date without expectations and with a mindset that you want to get to know the other person and realize if she is worth your precious time.

By not only trying to prove yourself to her but also examine her character you will communicate you have some actual standards which implies you also have other options and you are a man that knows what he looks for in a woman.

I suggest you actually make a list of qualities you would love a woman to have and try to look for them on the dates. Women also love a man who is a challenge and they also want to be liked just as we do.

As we suggest in the course for all these reasons you shouldn’t plan expensive first dates. You want a woman to sense you put some thought in it but you shouldn’t spend a lot of money. She didn’t deserve it yet and you might not like her.

Also if you feel you gave your best and see the date is not going anywhere you can politely thank her for her time and finish the date.

There is no use in wasting time and waiting for her to end the date. You should always look to be the one doing it.

If the date goes both well or poorly. Say you have something important to attend and then proceed to date other women.

Don’t come off rude or offended by any means.

You might even turn the end result in your favor and she texts you after a few days.

If you want to learn more about dating and attracting women visit our webisite stellargent.com.
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